SIDERMES produces a broad range of platinum-platinum/rhodium (Pt-Pt/Rh) immersion thermocouples used to measure the full temperature range of molten metal for all applications. The SUPERTEMP® immersion thermocouples are produced pursuant to the IPTS 68 and ITS 90 standards.
The SIDERMES immersion thermocouples are produced in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001:2008. They are compatible and interchangeable with the most widespread connection and instrument systems on the market

Oxygen measurement
Our TOX (Temperature & Oxygen) probes measure the temperature and ppm of free oxygen in liquid metal, in less than 10 seconds. The two mV signals generated by the TOX probes are transmitted to the instrument, processed and visualized so as to display the values of temperature and ppm of free oxygen; furthermore, the value of %C or %Al dissolved in the bath of liquid steel is automatically calculated

Carbon measurement
Economical and easy to use, the SUPERCARB S® thermal analysis cups are designed to achieve fast and reliable values of %C in liquid steel.
Alternatively, SIDERMES offers two of types of immersion probes: INCARB®(carbon only) and TECARB® (carbon and bath temperature). Using either sensor further decreases the tap-to-tap time, thereby providing increased productivity. Both the cups and the immersion probes use high precision thermocouples and instrumentation to analyze the cooling curve and find the relative liquidus temperature corresponding to the %C in the melt

The SUPERSAMP® samplers are designed for fast, safe, and economical molten metal sampling. Various versions are available, so that the most specific and easiest sampling procedure and metal analysis can be achieved for every application. They provide the user with a representative sample of the liquid bath which, after a rapid surface cleaning, is ready for the chemical analysis. The lab preparation time is minimized by the special design of these samplers

Combined probes
These probes are a combination of two or more "STANDARD" probes.
The available probes are:
• CET, temperature + sample
• CET-OX, temperature + sample and free oxygen
• TECARB, temperature + %C
• TOX, temperature + ppm of oxygen
Although recommended for automatic measurement systems, they may also be used in manual applications.