Housingless Mill Stands
High rigidity, reliability and quick roll change capabilities are the key features of these state of the art mill stands, which are designed for producing bars, wire rod, angles, flats, channels, and universal beams. The connection and disconnection of the spindles and all the fluid utilities are fully automatic and therefore the stands can be interchanged very quickly. Different versions including horizontal, vertical, convertible and drop-in joker (which converts a horizontal to a vertical) are in operation, allowing rapid adaptation to the variety of the rolled products needed to fulfil stringent market demands. Line flexibility allows rolling with low-temperature, high-alloy, wide forming passes, etc.


  •     High Component Rigidity
  •     Reduced Stress Path
  •     Fully Automatic Operation
  •     Axial Roll Adjustment
  •     Automatic Screw-down System
  •     Possibility for adjustment under load
  •     A roll balance system, which eliminates backlash
  •     Minimum wear and positive engagement due to self-balancing spindle support
  •     Long bearing life
  •     Automatic utility connections