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SMARKTEC is a Technology Joint Venture of IGORLE, Spain and REA Elektronik, Germany. Both companies have been providing professional and industrial proof marking solutions to the metal processing industry for more than 30 years and became a strong and reliable partner not only to global market leaders but also to medium and small size companies
1 ) Billet & slab marker
The Billet Marker is intended to mark OCR characters using REA JET paint & Spray technology on to the hot Steel Billets & Slabs. (up to 800ºC surface temperature).
2) coil marker
The Coil Marker is intended to mark OCR characters using REA JET paint & Spray technology on to the HOT or COLD Steel Coils. (up to 800ºC surface temperature).
3) H- Beam marker
The SMARKTEC proposal for Beam marking covers different possibilities for small, medium and heavy sections. There are different mechanical solutions for single or multiple beam straightening machines. The equipment is designed to mark the Beams, using REA JET Ink-jet technology, at the exit of the straightening process.
4) Hot Casting Pipe marker
SMARKTEC Hot Centrifugal Casting Pipe Marker is intended to mark OCR characters on the Hot ductile pipes as they leave the centrifugal casting using REA JET paint & Spray technology.
The ductil pipes are marked at a temperature < 800ºC, then the printed mark resist the post-heating treatment upto 1100ºC. The equipment is based on a 6-axes Robot cell to be able to cover all different pipe diameters.
5) PIPE Marking Stations
SMARKTEC Pipe Robot Markers offer a complete range of solutions for the automatization of Pipe marking.
From Linear axes systems to Robot cells, the equipment is designed to answer specific customer needs. Coverture for different pipe diameters and lengths. Axial or rotational printing modes are possible. REA JET Drop-On-Demand Ink-jet Technology is used to mark quality Logos, Alphanumeric texts and 2D Datamatrix codes.