The wire rod block has 3 main design characteristics:
• All roll units are driven via a group drive what means with not adjustable permanent relation between the roll revolutions of the roll units.
• It is designed for twist free rolling between the roll units therefore the roll shafts are staggered from roll unit to roll unit by 90°
• The roll units are of the cantilever type, the roll ring and roll force are supported by 2 bearings left or right of the CL of the pass line in comparison to double supported roll rings, where the pass line and the roll force is supported between the bearings on left and right side.

• 45° (X) arrangements for twist free rolling
• Low-cost production even for small order lots
• Most compact stand design available on the market
• Rigid cassette-type stands for unsurpassed product tolerances
• Reduced bay height requirement
• Fast cassette change with standard mill crane; open access to top of cassette
• Fast roll change, with no need for special equipment